Tea of the Month Club

Start this inspiring journey and experience specialty blends. Twelve months of natural healthy living through Tea to treat yourself or a loved one. Fresh packaged Tea will arrive at your doorstop like clockwork every month without a hassle. Each tea will be a soothing discovery, enough to serve you every day for the entire month. Your first shipment of tea will arrive within days and thereafter the next shipment will reach in the first week of every month. Each shipment will come in our signature tin caddies making it the ideal gift for loved ones and friends. The tea is selected by our in-house Tea connoisseur to suit your palette based on the season.  With a mix of exotic flavoured green, black and oolong teas, you will be a Tea lover in no time.

It’s the start of a new Life…..an energising experience that has amazing medicinal properties

Go ahead and try it. Stimulate your palate and body. This makes a perfect gift for a loved one, a gift that keeps on

It’s InsaniTea!

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