Today, millions of children in India from low-income communities do not have access to the same quality of education as their wealthier peers. As a result, one in two primary school students will drop out before the fifth standard, leaving them powerless to break the cycle of poverty. India's education system needs a movement to pull itself out of this crisis before it is too late.

Teach For India's mission is to build the movement of leaders who will work to end educational inequity. We recruit India's most outstanding college graduates and young professionals and place them as full time teachers in under-resourced schools for two years. In the short run, these young leaders act as a source of dedicated teachers in government and low-income private schools. In the long-run, Teach For India will build a powerful and ever-growing leadership force of alumni who, informed by their experiences and insights, will work from inside and outside the educational system to effect fundamental, long-term changes necessary to ultimately realize educational opportunity for all.

The donations made will be used for funding part of the expenses of City Operations team in Mumbai. The City Operations team in Mumbai leads the Fellows of Teach For India in their mission to achieve educational equity. It equips the Fellows with the right knowledge and support with respect to pedagogy through a variety of group and individual structures. It trains the Fellows to handle challenging situations and to efficiently administer learning and knowledge in classrooms. The Team drives partnerships with school authorities who become an integral branch of Teach For India as stakeholders. It forms the foundation of growth and success of the Fellows and helps them metamorphose into future leaders of the country. It helps them prevail even in the darkest moments to strive for a nation which we all dream of.

Teach For India 's approach to impact is results-oriented and inclusive of all relevant stakeholders. In the classroom, our goal is 1.5 years of student achievement gains per year, and our rigorous training and support system exists to achieve that goal. As of 2011, over 350 Fellows are teaching in low income, under-resourced private and government schools in Mumbai and Pune and Delhi. In 2012, TFI will place its Fellows in schools in Hyderabad and Chennai. By 2015, Teach For India aims to have a presence in 10 cities around the country, impacting 65,000 students.

At Teach For India, we believe that systemic change is driven by leaders – leaders who understand at a fundamental level what needs to change. Your support helps ensure India's next generation of leaders will be the right ones.

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Teach For India (registered as Teach To Lead) has the certificate for Tax Exemption under section 80 G of Income Tax Act 1961. All donations to Teach For India are 50% exempt from tax under Section 80 G.


“Teach For India has the potential to transform the process of K 12 learning in our country and create a whole generation of motivated youth.”
Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman Nasscom / Global CEO, Zensar

“At Thermax, we want our Trainees to have sensitivity towards all stakeholders and concern for the society in which we live. I am confident Teach For India will develop all these qualities and I fully endorse it.”
 - Anu Aga, Former Executive Chairperson, Thermax Group

“Participants in this programme will be able to see inequity first-hand, and more importantly, be actively involved in combating it. They will learn the true value of serving your nation and working to make things better for the next generation of Indians.”
 - Montek Singh Ahluwalia